zo. feb 25th, 2024


In RESELLERS BUSINESS, the I(C)T & TELECOM Reseller and its customer are central.


  • .Content is written from the RESELLER and its CUSTOMER.
  • Trendsetting and innovative in combination with a DIGIZINE.
  • Modern magazine with a distinctive Look and Feel.
  • Fresh modern website for content sharing.
  • Competitive rates for content, interviews and advertising.


The printed edition is initially sent free of charge via controlled circulation to: De Computervakhandel, Internet Services Providers, Retail & Franchise Chains, Telecom & I(C)T Consultants, Telecom Resellers & Telecom Distributors, I(C)T Resellers & Distributors, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), System Builders and Integrators, Telecom & VoIP Providers and Vendors.

Resellers Business informs the ICT and Telecom Reseller about market research, trends and news about products, services, partner programs, events, etc. But also gives the reseller, distributor and supplier insight into the “experiences” and needs of the SME. All this aimed at providing new insights and opportunities in the ICT and Telecom sector.


“The strength of our publishing house lies in our knowledge of the market for entrepreneurs, which we have served for 15 years with the magazine De ZAKENMARKT and the collaboration with ICT Valley. We are now using this knowledge and the network in the SME community to give IT and telecom providers insight into the real wishes and needs of their end customers.”

This will be the case both digitally and in the trade magazine Resellers Business, each in their own way, so that the power of the various distribution channels, both separately and combined, is used as well as possible. Jerry Jansen. “The bottom line is that we not only provide the reseller with insight into technological developments, changes in business models and the views of their vendors, distributors and fellow providers. We let the SMEs who purchase these services have their say and thus act as a bridge between provider and customer.”

In recent months, the publisher has had many conversations with SMEs and resellers. Questions and bottlenecks were discussed, such as: how do SMEs experience the services of resellers, how can a provider better serve its (potential) customers. But also: what do resellers need from distributors and vendors in order to better serve their customers? The end result will be on your mat from April and will be available online before then.

The Resellers Business platform has the reseller as its target group, but also offers producers, suppliers and distributors the opportunity to express their vision on the market. What technical developments are coming and how do producers, suppliers and distributors translate this into practical tools that help the reseller to help his customer?